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Off The Mat: Patrick Krier

This is a monthly series featuring a student, teacher, and/or business owner committed to wellness in a positive, forward-thinking capacity. April 2023’s profile is Iowa City area health and wellness owner Patrick Krier.

Title: Owner, Iowa Recovery Room
Teaching credentials: 200RYT Hatha Yoga Certification, NSPF Certified Pool Operator 
Pronouns: he/him

Q&A with Patrick Krier

What’s a non-floating fun fact about you?
I played saxophone for six years in marching, jazz and pep band, and I still pick it up occasionally.

How did you first learn about floating?
A friend introduced me while on a trip to Colorado more than eight years ago, two years prior to Iowa having a single float tank. He had booked me for a 90-minute float, which was wonderful to fully relax into the new, blissful experience. Afterwards, I felt like I had slept for two days and felt fully recharged. And, my lower back and hip pain from a motorcycle accident the year prior was completely gone for the two days following. Needless to say, I was hooked!

What’s a favorite wellness service you offer?
I would have to say float therapy, because it provides so many mental and physical benefits, allowing all stress to completely melt away.

What would you say to someone who isn’t sure if floating is right for them?
I would tell them to not have any expectations, but inform them of the clinically-studied benefits. This includes decreased mental stress, pain relief, and improved sleep studied at the Laureate Institute of Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as several float centers around the world. But in all honesty, floating isn’t for everyone. Come in with an open mind and the willingness to relax into the weightlessness and silence. ‘Unplugging’ the mind for a little while, can really help a lot of people in various ways. Some people do have skin, mobility or mental ailments that are limiting when it comes to salt water and/or being alone with one’s thoughts.

Where do your clients come from for floats and what other services do you offer?
With the University of Iowa and medical school here, we’ve had people from all over the world use our services. Generally, many of our clients are within a two hour radius of Iowa City. Dozens coming from the Quad Cities, Burlington, Fairfield and beyond. Since we have three float tanks, most of them come to us for our float sessions, especially couples or groups. But others come for the sauna and cold ‘plunge’ experience.

Which service would you recommend to someone who is uncertain about floating?
Our traditional sauna is a popular introduction to wellness, as most people are familiar with it and what to expect. From there, their interest piques for float therapy, cold ‘plunge’ and other services we offer.

What draws your clients to floating?
We see a broad clientele for various needs. In our more than five years of service, we’ve had as young as six-years old float for anxiety and ADHD, and as old as 86 years for chronic pain and mobility issues. The typical client comes in for general relaxation, both for the mental clarity and diminished physical pains we accrue in our daily lives. 

What is a favorite “client transformation” story? 
It’s hard to pick just one, as so many people have found relief in various ways. But one that stands out is a young lady who came in with a lot of work stress, pain, and personal body image issues. After her first float, she came out in tears of joy, telling me that she ‘hadn’t felt that whole, completely loving who she is, the way she is, without pain or judgement in longer than she could remember.’ Her subsequent floats were equally profound, finding total relaxation and peace within herself. I also was brought to tears, seeing her so happy and full of joy. This is why we do what we do.

What are some upcoming events we can look forward to at your studio?
We hope to schedule a five-year anniversary party this spring/summer with outdoor events like face painting, bags tournament, a food truck and tours of our facilities. And, of course, we’ll have some sales and giveaways to relax after all of the excitement! As the year progresses, we’d love to bring in more herbalists, massage therapists, and other wellness practitioners for classes and group events.

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