Using ChatGPT for Yoga

Imagine a Google search will give spit out exactly what you need without scrolling through the results. This is what ChatGPT does. Depending on how you use it, this AI model could be a time-saver (compose a work email), a mechanism for cheating (write an essay for a school assignment), or advisor (how to do x).

The first time I heard about ChatGPT was on this podcast episode of The Daily from New York Times. And then a friend showed how she used it to create an email for work.

So I got curious and decided to see what questions I could ask about yoga. Here are a few results that it spit out for me.

 And finally, this:

ChatGPT In Summary

So far, I’ve agreed and liked everything ChatGPT has delivered. In some cases, I was surprised that it gave me so much information. But it’s also good to consult a yoga teacher to confirm these statements.

The next thing I predict for this software is to add some voice activations, and maybe some links to related questions with additional answers. The sky is the limit when it comes to ChatGPT, and you can easily fall into a rabbit hole of questions and answers.

Who knows, maybe in a year we’ll start seeing ChatGPT take the place of humans. But at least in the yoga space, I’m hoping this is just a tool that can be used by yogis and teachers alike.

Give it a try and see for yourself what answers it gives you, just for fun.



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