It’s Me… Hi

Hello, and welcome to A Breath of Fire.

This is a personal blog I dreamt up in the middle of the night a few weeks. I also had Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero playing in my head during this epiphany.

Note: was taken, so I went with – and not to be confused with the Nintendo game (which I honestly didn’t know about ‘til my husband told me). (Sigh).

I’m a Yoga Teacher

As a new-ish yoga teacher (my RYT 200 earned in August 2022), I wanted a way to share my love of this practice with the world – but in a way that was fun for me.

I’m a yoga teacher with a day job (unrelated to yoga), which I truly enjoy. I do yoga regularly, but don’t – and never will – know everything about it. So I wanted a public space that wasn’t a social media platform to share what I’ve learned about yoga. I’ll also share what I’m continuing to learn, and occasional peeks into other aspects of my life (running and traveling).

Why I’m Here

I’m here for two reasons:

  1. To help you (and me) learn more about yoga, especially if you’ve newly (re)started.
  2. To be a positive, eclectic voice in a space – not unlike other forms of movement – that struggles to showcase diverse representation. Yoga can and should be accessible to all persons, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, body type.
Shuva Rahim – Photo by David Greedy

Breath of Fire is a breathing exercise done at the end of a particular yoga class, done in short, quick staccato exhales. I’m using a breath of fire – a single exhale – as a loose metaphor for a single yoga topic. This could be a pose breakdown, sharing what I’ve learned and experienced, or even a guest post from a fellow yogi or teacher.

Whatever you get from this space is up to you. My goal is to return here twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) to create something fun for me. I hope that will help spark a domino effect – whether that be on the yoga mat or something else – that will positively impact your life.



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